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While it is true that more and more people these days first try to get as much information online about products they want to buy, yet, only about 2% of these people really buy the products only. The rest still prefer to enjoy the experience of visiting and shopping in a physical store. 

Location Advisory

Whether you are evaluating your existing locations or expanding into new geographies, our location advisory experts will allow you to develop and implement global location strategies maximizing the return on investment of your decisions

Feasibility Study for Developers

Property and development feasibility study analyses are crafted by team of experts prior to breaking ground on a construction project. The report will give needed insight to the principals who can then determine whether their project is even ‘feasible’ to continue.

Project Financing

We develop, execute finance strategies that help our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals through our relationships with sources of debt and equity.  The team brings We bring structure and strategy to the dynamic process of capitalizing real estate.

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